[vserver] An idea that i hope is not to stupid:

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From: Nathan Hoult (hoult_at_hotmail.com)
Date: Mon May 06 2002 - 22:42:19 EDT

I would like to be able to run 2+ people on the same computer using 2+ mice
, 2+ keyboards, 2+ monitors, 2+ sound cards. There is a hack for X at :
http://cambuca.ldhs.cetuc.puc-rio.br/multiuser/ . This doesnt work well and
can be very unstable to get started. I have got it working and infact played
about 10 hours of Diablo2 multiplayer with my brother. The problem is that i
HAVE to boot up off the PCI card (NVIDIA TNT), and use the GF2 card as 2nd.
this isnt THAT bad but the 2nd output cant do full screen, which can be
tolerated but if the master terminal switched VT the entire system freezes
and i cant even telnet in, which isnt that bad except i cant use a X login
manager (eg: gdm) because if the master user logs out it had a 33% chance of
freezing the 2nd user, which is ok but i have to reboot because i cant
switch VT.

there was a discussion at: http://www.kerneltrap.org/node.php?id=146 about
working on the Linux VT setup to allow more than one display.

My crazy idea is using Virtual Linux and having a configuration file that
will tell the Virtual Linux to "see" PCI spot (eg: PCI:0:7:0 my TNT video
card address), "/bin/input/eventX" (USB keyboayrd), "/bin/input/mice" (usb
mouse), and my PCI address of the sound card (that i dont have second one
yet). When you start the Virtual Linux it will activate what it "sees" so
you could install X on VLinux, syslink to /home or whatever.

I havent used Virtual server yet so i dont know what it is like or what it
is capible of.

the Kernel programers are saying X, and X is saying Kernel, then people ask
why and that computers are not powerfull enough, well if my Ath 1.33 with
256 DDR can run Diablo2 server+ 2 clients in wine with low/no lag, or run
server + 2 clients of Return to Castle Wolf, then what could a $150 more
dual Ath do? well over performance of say 2 celrons (that i would have to
throw away in 1.5 years anyhow).

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