Re: [vserver] debian tgz for vservers

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From: Nuno Silva (
Date: Tue Apr 09 2002 - 16:56:15 EDT


Jon Bendtsen wrote:
> okay, i got a look at
> 1) CHANGE the root password
> Why not use passwd -l on root, so one has to enter through "vserver
> <name> enter"
> aka, locking the rootpassword, thus NOONE will end up with a default
> root pwd.

I prefer to manage vservers like actual independent servers, so I like
ssh on everyone of them.

Anyway, next time I'll put an * in the root password, thanks for the
sugestion :)

> 2) since this is a debian... why not have it as a .deb as well ? ;-D

It would be nice, but it would make it debian dependent and i'd need a
default place to install it. /vservers/default goes against debian
packaging policy :)

> 3) i know woody comes out soon, but it's still not the official stable
> :/

"debian needs to be installed only once". Even if you want to change to
debian potato or debian sid just update sources.list; apt-get update ;
apt-get dist-upgrade. That's it.

> 4) note to 1) i can see you do the enter way. Did you lock the password
> or not ?

This one has a default password, easily guessable, please change it.
Next time I'll follow your sugestion.

> 5) would you care to comment more on the MAKEDEV thingy ?

Some scripts check for /dev/.devfsd before they try to use mknod. If it
is present (devfs is active) they don't try to create the devices and
you get to see less "Operation not permited" errors.

> 1) 85M, not bad
> 2) /bin/mount is installed, but one cant mount filesystems...
> 3) /boot exists, could be removed
> 4) /etc/rcS.d - contains scripts that one cant execute anyway.
> like modutils, checkfs, mountall, mountnfs, ...

This is pretty much a standard debian install. Removing mount would
break dependencies. You waste some MB but you can rest sure that
"apt-get upgrade" will work flawlessly in the vserver :)

> It's not so much to save space i want stuff to be removed, but to get a
> better
> overview of the install.
> My base is
> -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 27M Mar 31 19:07 base.tar.bz2
> And unpacked it's
> 87M base
> Damn, you beat me :/
> I'm sorry, but i cant publish it yet, as i havent changed the passwd ;-D


> I run the getty at tty7, and just one
> (i'm wonder why starting vservers fsck's up the tty, either tty0, or the
> one
> you start a vserver from. Likewise with shutdown :/)

Try ssh to login to vservers and don't start any getties :)

Best regards,
Nuno Silva

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