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From: John Lyons (
Date: Tue Apr 09 2002 - 13:06:25 EDT

> Just wondering if anyone is attempting to use this method to
> offer hosting
> of something similar to a "virtual private server"? Are there
> any obvious drawbacks I'm missing?

I started my quest looking at FreeVsd but after reading the mailing list
decided that it was too complex a system for me to use. There seemed to be
too many people having problems installing the software and quite a few
'disaster' posts from quite experienced people along the lines of I've done
X and Y and for no apparent reason A, B and C have all stopped working.

Vserver is easy to use and manage and above all it's 'simple' in that there
are minimal packages/scripts/programs needed to run it. You can't get lost
managing a hosting server running Vs.

I've spent nearly 4 months running two host servers and 12 trial vservers
with customers. So far I've not encountered any real problems.

Ok you don't have quotas and you can only run with 1 IP address but to be
fair I don't think that you can necessarily ask this much from the package.
It's only been publicly developed for a few months but arrived in a fairly
complete state.

As far as we're concerned the benefits far outweigh the down site of quotas
and IP's.
If customers want to run multiple SSL certificates then that's another
opportunity to sell them another virtual server :-)

We haven't offered the servers to the public yet just a few trial customers
because I'm still playing with getting a fully featured skel server setup.
I've also got to write a decent guide to running them for the customers
which is probably going to end up being a 'how to use Linux'


John Lyons
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