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From: Matthew Hill (
Date: Tue Apr 09 2002 - 04:20:09 EDT


I am actually planning on implementing the vserver product
our current gamut of services as to establish a reasonable
step between shared hosting and full dedicated. It's usually
fairly daunting for a user to step from $24.95 to $250 overnight
(that is shared hosting to dedicated product). We will likely
place the vserver product in the $80-100 range and monitor
bandwidth through ipchains on the main server (this has not
yet been finalized, aka, technical staff to later politely tell
CEO why he is a moron).

I have yet to run into issues as far as performance or
stability (less ctx-9 and netstat), even managed to load
test with a few counterstrike servers and the scheduler
handled things flawlessly for less loaded test accounts.

Current main issues involve quotas, and quotas. The virtualized
/dev/hdv prevents it from being outwardly apparent as to a solution
for userland quotas and is basically the only remaining barrier.
Not so much in setting quotas for each vserver's total usage as there
are other
solutions for this, but rather quotas internal to each vserver's discrete
userland. The cpanel product we license and partially develop
relies on them heavily for reseller situations (which will be a
common application from clients of this product).

If anyone has plans for any sort of quota implementation or
possible suggestions I would very interested to hear them.

Awaiting beer deployment for anything useful.

Matthew Hill
CEO, Liquid Web Inc.

"You can make up statistics to prove anything, 83% of people know that."

Philip Hill wrote:

> Please accept my apologies if this is the wrong discussion in which to > post this. > > Just wondering if anyone is attempting to use this method to offer > hosting of something similar to a "virtual private server"? Are there > any obvious drawbacks I'm missing? > > Regards, > > Philip

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