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From: Jacques Gelinas (
Date: Thu Mar 28 2002 - 18:31:44 EST

On Thu, 28 Mar 2002 17:56:17 -0500, John Lyons wrote
> I'm just going through init.d from our stock RH7.2 and there seem to be
> quite a few services that could safely be removed
> Are there any reasons why I shouldn't be removing these packages?
> ypbind

Used for NIS. Can be removed. Vservers may use NIS to share password
with other server as needed.

> apmd

Not needed. Advanced power management. Only useful in a root server
(useful ? I have never seen it works ...)

> iptables

Only useful in the root server. Used to configure the firewall. By default
vservers are not allowed to handle the firewall.

> killall

Not a service, but there anyway. A pseudo service used in runlevel 6 to
kill the remaining processes. You can keep it there. Anyway, it is part of
the initscript package, so you can't get rid of it easily

> network

Used to configure the network. vserver are not allowed to do that.

> nscd

Used as a dns client cache by the glibc resolver. A vserver can use it
to speed up some network access.

> single

A pseudo service, part of initscript I think.

> functions

Not a service a all. Part of initscripts. It contains useful bash function used
all over the place in the scripts.

> identd

Support the auth protocol. You keep it if you want. Not useful for internet server.
May be useful for intranet server, when using rsh like services. It allows another
server to request the username associated with a socket.

> kdcrotate

Needed if you use kerberos.

> ffs

Note sure. rpm -qfi /etc/init.d/ffs is your friend.

> ntpd

Not useful since a vserver can't set the server time. You can get rid of it.

> random

Not useful. Need to prime the random generator in the kernel. Only the root
vserver can do that.

> snmpd

snmp daemon, useful to monitor stuff on your box. Can be used in a vserver.
If you don't know about snmp, you probably don't need it ?

> autofs

used to automount stuff. A vserver is not allowed to mount stuff by default. So
you can get rid of it.

> halt

Pseudo service to stop the machine. Part of initscript

> ipchains

Firewall service, not useful in a vserver (a vserver can't use it by default)

> keytable

Not useful for vserver. Used to configure the server keyboard.

> netfs

used to perform NFS mount at boot time. A vserver is not allowed to do so.

> nfslock

NFS lock daemon. For now, a vserver does not work as an NFS server. Not useful
for now.

> portmap

The NFS server (for one) needs it. RPC services are using portmap to register
the port they are using. Few services needs that. NFS for one.

> rawdevices

Only useful to configure raw devices in the root server.

> Regards

Don't know this service, probably not useful in linux servers at all. I was told
it was a new IETF standards to ease communication between human being, but
far too many people think it is optional :-)

Jacques Gelinas <>
vserver: run general purpose virtual servers on one box, full speed!

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