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From: John Lyons (
Date: Tue Mar 05 2002 - 20:27:21 EST

> I assume you're building ext3 into the kernel directly (not a module)

> Try "cat /proc/filesystems" and see if ext3 is in the list. If it is,
> then your kernel supports ext3, so that's not the problem.

Not in the list,

nodev rootfs
nodev bdev
nodev proc
nodev sockfs
nodev tmpfs
nodev shm
nodev pipefs
nodev binfmt_misc
nodev nfs
nodev autofs
nodev devpts

>From the boot.log
Mar 6 16:28:00 svr9 rc.sysinit: Checking filesystems succeeded
Mar 6 16:28:00 svr9 rc.sysinit: Mounting local filesystems: failed
Mar 6 16:28:00 svr9 mount: mount: fs type ext3 not supported by kernel

> If you *still* can't get ext3 working at that point, and ext3 doesn't show
> up in /proc/filesystems, then something else is going on that needs a
> deeper look. Perhaps sending a snippet of your kernel .config just before
> you compile would help.

Chunks from dmesg, confirming that the SIS support that I added is there but
that the file system is mounted as ext2

SIS5513: IDE controller on PCI bus 00 dev 01
sis900.c: v1.08.01 9/25/2001
eth0: SiS 900 PCI Fast Ethernet at 0xd400, IRQ 10, 00:e0:18:46:05:41.

VFS: Mounted root (ext2 filesystem) readonly.

>From my .config

# CONFIG_BFS_FS is not set
# CONFIG_JBD_DEBUG is not set

The same machine was used to compile ctx-5 and I can't remember needing to
enable Ext3 file system support in that. Just get the feeling that I'm
either editing the wrong defconfig file or the file with the new config
isn't being used. (I recall having to look for the .config file the last
time, just wondering if there's something amiss there?)

Only other thing I can think of is that I need to load something? to freshen
the modules?
I've just untared the kernel source, patched, configured and built and
installed. Sould I have done something else before hand to get back to a
fresher system? (Sorry just wild stabs in the dark now :-( )


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