RE: [vserver] unify check/ disk usage

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From: John Lyons (
Date: Thu Feb 28 2002 - 07:22:20 EST

> As I read this, it means my skel server is not very much unified (only
> about 70000K is unified), and this appearently went better
> when building
> from the skel. Why is this?

Can't say.

I've been using a vserver to install and remove rpm's and build new rpm's
from src files so that I could get the 'perfect' hosting vserver.

After spending a week or so on and off playing with packages I discovered
that building vservers based on it resulted in each vs being something like

What I'd missed was that /root and /home/admin had raw rpm files in with src
files, also /usr/src/redhat had binary files and rpm's in it. Building a
new vs was just copying all of those files over and as they weren't part of
an rpm they weren't getting unified. They shouldn't have been there in the
first place but I'd missed them and expected the unify process to only copy
RPM packages over to the new vs not the entire file system.

Luckily I'd not 2 unified vs's on the backup server that were still fresh
and taking 12mb of space after unification to start again with.

My guess is that you've got source installed binaries or log files etc that
are being copied from the base server. If your base server has a /var/logs
and or /home dir with a lot of data in it every vserver you build will have
the same files copied over.


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