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From: John Lyons (support_at_nsnoc.com)
Date: Wed Feb 27 2002 - 10:30:12 EST

> So using vfiles, I would be able to select all the file no
> unified (including
> added packages not found in the reference), bring that home, and then
> use vunify to bring back the vserver to life :-)
> Using vfiles, we could do various things, such as vbackup, backuping
> only what it needed.
> Using vfiles, it becomes very easy to backup a vserver in the
> root server
> and then compare that to prove the vserver has not been hacked.

All of the features that you've described are quite fantastic.

We're into budget web hosting but we're still paranoid about reliability and
uptimes. As we don't have much money to spend on hardware solutions much of
what we do is with opensource software and 'seat of the pants' hacks.

The host server is always going to be a single point of failure for us. (No
Raid or dual PSU's for us) so my hosting infrastructure is based around 2 or
3 live host servers with 1 hot standby server mirroring each live hosts'

Anyone that's been here before knows that backing up every 24 hours is ok,
but if we loose a drive on a host 23 hours after the last backup then we're
loosing 23 hours of emails in pop accounts and mysql data which can't be
recovered. I've looked at network Raid and a few backup packages but they're
all more complex that vserver itself!

Being able to sync a hot standby server (say using rsync) or some other
package and only backing up the live changing data every hour or so would be
a fantastic step forward. (I know rsync already will do this but over 10 or
20 vservers file systems the memory usage would be too high to run it very


John Lyons
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