Re: [vserver] Having a small problem

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From: Ken Gehring (
Date: Fri Feb 22 2002 - 18:38:10 EST

OK, Lets backtrack a bit here. I'm going to start over with this
from the begining

Can someone check this procedure for getting vserver up and
running. I have a system with a Highpoint raid array controller
a wireless lan card (Linksys wpc11 in a pic controller) and
an internal modem.

1) Install Redhat 7.1, install kernel 2.4.17 compile the
kernel with support for the raid controller, ppp and ext3
file system. Wireless lan is set up as modules from the
wlan-ng project. (all this works so far).

2) Convert /boot and / to ext3 with tune2fs
 tune2fs -j /dev/hda1
 tune2fs -j /dev/hda6
   Edit fstab to reflect the change froom ext2 to ext3 file
systems. Reboot and all is still ok

3) Apply the patch-2.4.17ctx to the 2.4.14 kernel tree while
in the /usr/src directory
 patch -p0 <patch-2.4.17ctx

4) Recompile the kernel and test for functionality.

Am I missing anything here? Or is everything OK to this point?

More question to follow.

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> > It must I have a system with ext3 files systems. I used a prebuilt
> > kernel but seem to remember seeing mention of a patch to make
> > ext3 work.
> From memory there was a bug in the software that caused probs with ext3
> systems but that was fixed quite a few weeks ago.
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