Re: [vserver] many services - 1 IP.

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From: klavs klavsen (
Date: Fri Feb 15 2002 - 09:05:45 EST

On Fri, 2002-02-15 at 14:45, Vlad wrote:
> Oohhh... I get it now.. Somehow in your response the main part of the
> problem got lost. I just went back to your original message:

> And yeah, thats correct. You can use chroot within the virtual server, and
> you can do it securely. There was a bug where you could use chroot
> within vserver to escape out of the vserver and back into the root server.
> That has been fixed for a while. ;)
but chroot is still buggy (even if it's running under a vserver) so that
one could break out of a chroot jail and get to other services on the
same vserver?

> To save you some time, if you do go with bind inside virtual server make
> sure you compile it without linux caps; they will fail inside vserver.
ok. I'm kinda sad, that this means one can't use standard rpm's.. cause
I'm gonna setup these systems in small shops, where they don't have the
knowledge/expertise to compile themselves, and therefore standard
distribution rpm compatability would be great to have..

I guess, I'm gonna have to think of something.. :-(

Then I will have install the services on the costumer machines, without
vserver (unless they explicitly want it with its advantages and
this would mean that I have to copy config files over ONLY.. from the
vserver to the costumer server - whereas otherwise I would be able to
just copy the vserver directory :-(

and then I would have to maintain a secured base linux system, for the
costumer server. I'm just gonna use my vserver box's root server for

Well it seems the path is becoming more clear to me now :-)

it's difficult to make a standard installation, that doesn't remove
flexibility and ease of use and doesn't compromise security either.

P.S. I've sent this mail to the vserver-mailinglist also, so that others
might gain from our discussion :-)

Klavs Klavsen

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