re: vserver that seem's to die :(

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From: Jacques Gelinas (
Date: Fri Jan 25 2002 - 00:34:11 EST

On Thu, 24 Jan 2002 22:53:27 -0500, Guillaume Bourque wrote
> Hello all,
> I have kernel 2.4.18-ctx-5 and almost everything is fine, well after
> starting all my vserver I'm loosing one of them :(
> If I do [root_at_sonloup root]# vserver-stat
> CTX# PROC QTY VSZ RSS utime stime NAME
> 0 41 53140 5834 00m08.90 00m16.86 root server
> 2 13 24532 2492 00m01.39 00m00.70
> 3 6 13552 1708 00m00.44 00m00.24 v2
> 4 4 7348 793 00m00.16 00m00.03 v3
> 5 18 32764 2457 00m04.52 00m00.65 v4
> You can see that context #2 (v1) is not showing up ok. everything was
> working until I decide to start them all automaticly at boot time.

I guess the file /var/run/vservers/NAME.ctx is missing.

> Now if I enter that v server I get in a new context !!???

If the ctx file is missing, it will set a new context. Why this file
is missing is behond me.

> Now if I trie to stop the v1 server in context 2 I get this
> [root_at_sonloup root]# vserver v1 stop
> Stopping the virtual server v1
> Server v1 is not running
> And naturally the vserver keep's running ;-0 and the proc filesystem for vserver v1
> is still mount

I changed something in 0.9 I think. Even if a vserver is not running, it tries
tu umoun /proc anyway. This was done because doing

        vserver v1 enter

do the mount and then leave the vserver not running.

> Any help would be of great value !

Something is erasing the ctx file. Nothing in the vserver package
erase that file. It is created when the vserver is started and then
reused. It should be erased when we stop a vserver, but it is not
the case. The vserver script is smart enough to find out that a ctx
file point to a none running vserver.

Jacques Gelinas <>
vserver: run general purpose virtual servers on one box, full speed!

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