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From: Gil Vidals (
Date: Sun Jan 06 2002 - 23:37:50 EST


That doesn't make sense to me at all. If my goal is to host 250
VServers, then I'm in big trouble if the smallest install is
270MB. That would be 50GB and that doesn't include the user

I was thinking that a basic install could be 20 MB. Is that
possible? I'll start building basic installs and see how small I
can get it, but there must be somebody out there who already has
this down pat and knows what is the smallest practical size
install for Vservers with typical functionality (based on RH

> I've got a default vserver install down to 270mb in size
> that's lost some of
> the extra languages for compiling software but still includes
> things like
> perl and gcc. I suspect that you need to look at vbuild and
> vunify for
> linking gcc, perl etc to the packages on the host server. From
> memory
> someones saved about 70mb doing these two packages alone.
> I'm also interested in getting a slimmed down vserver so if
> anyone can beat
> 270mb and still keep sufficient functionality let me know :-)
> I'll send you are vs.conf file if you email direct. It's not
> that complex.
> Regards
> John Lyons
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> ICQ 74187012
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> emails.
> Failure to do so may result in your enquiries taking longer to
> process.

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