Re: Vserver is cool but too dependent on the distribution

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From: Mark Constable (
Date: Tue Dec 04 2001 - 02:23:47 EST

On Tue, 4 Dec 2001 14:59, Jacques Gelinas wrote:

> the list of packages installed with there version

"dpkg -l" is one older method, probably more nethods now these
days using "apt" directly. There are also pre n post install
as well as pre n post removal scripts (bash n perl) included
in packages.

gw ~ dpkg -l | grep apache
ii apache 1.3.22-2.1 Versatile, high-performance HTTP server
ii apache-common 1.3.22-2.1 Support files for all Apache webservers
ii libapache-mod- 1.0.3-1 A DAV module for Apache
ii libapache-mod- 0.33-1 turns Apache into a streaming audio server
ii libapache-mod- An Apache module that embeds Python within t
ic libapache-mod- 2.8.4-1 Strong cryptography for Apache
ii libapr 2.0.24-1 Support libraries for apache2

> the list of file owned by those package

See the apache example below, all info the Debian packaging
system needs to deal with both forward and reverse dependencies
is quite extensive and mature.

> The attribute of those files: configuration file or not.

gw ~ apt-cache show apache
Package: apache
Priority: optional
Section: web
Installed-Size: 784
Maintainer: Johnie Ingram <>
Architecture: i386
Version: 1.3.22-2.1
Replaces: apache-modules
Provides: httpd
Depends: libc6 (>= 2.2.4-4), libdb2 (>= 2:2.7.7-4), libexpat1 (>= 1.95.2-4), mime-support, apache-common (>= 1.3.22), apache-common (<< 1.3.23), perl5 | perl
Suggests: apache-doc
Conflicts: apache-modules, libapache-mod-perl (<= 1.17-1), jserv (<= 1.1-3)
Filename: pool/main/a/apache/apache_1.3.22-2.1_i386.deb
Size: 382002
MD5sum: 4d475002a0eaca871f1539d91a4751f4
Description: Versatile, high-performance HTTP server
 The most popular server in the world, Apache features a modular
 design and supports dynamic selection of extension modules at runtime.
 Some of its strong points are its range of possible customization,
 dynamic adjustment of the number of server processes, and a whole
 range of available modules including many authentication mechanisms,
 server-parsed HTML, server-side includes, access control, CERN httpd
 metafiles emulation, proxy caching, etc. Apache also supports multiple
 virtual homing.
 Separate Debian packages are available for PHP3, mod_perl, Java
 Servlet support, Apache-SSL, and other common extensions. More
 information is available at
Task: web-server

Some low level stats regarding my installation of debs.

gw ~ apt-cache stats
Total Package Names : 10565 (423k)
  Normal Packages: 8504
  Pure Virtual Packages: 148
  Single Virtual Packages: 409
  Mixed Virtual Packages: 105
  Missing: 1399
Total Distinct Versions: 8620 (414k)
Total Dependencies: 41689 (1167k)
Total Ver/File relations: 9634 (154k)
Total Provides Mappings: 1584 (31.7k)
Total Globbed Strings: 92 (1063)
Total Dependency Version space: 181k
Total Slack space: 102k
Total Space Accounted for: 2292k


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