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From: Jacques Gelinas (
Date: Mon Dec 03 2001 - 23:44:17 EST

On Mon, 3 Dec 2001 14:39:37 -0500, Lew Teck Kheng wrote
> hi :
> I have been trying the vserver 0.7 and i have created several cluster
> but when i logged into the one of the virtual server and try to start
> some process using the /etc/inittab , its complaint
> "init : no such process"
> Did miss something ?

Yes. The init shown in the vserver is the real init. It is show for cosmetic
reason, mainly to please utility like pstree and friends (so they find the
common parent).

vserver do not have a real init. The inittab is not used to start services. The
only ways to start service is using sysv init script and inetd/xinetd network

An init replacement would be needed for the vservers. I wonder if the standard
/sbin/init would do, with a stripped down /etc/inittab.

> Then my software some how need to bind to port 20000 on ip address
> Its complain it cannot bind to such address.

A vserver is limited (by default) to one IP, specified in the vserver configuration
file /etc/vservers/vservername.conf. By default, this file contains change
it to and this will work.

Is this a broadcast address ?

Is this the proper way to receive broadcast messages ? Anyone knows anything
on this ?

> And when i install the software omn the software on virtual server , its
> complain cannot stat /boot directory.

There is no need for a /boot directory in the vserver because it does not
boot the kernel itself. Create an empty one I guess.

I was not aware of any application needing information from /boot. Should
we provide some dummy stuff there ?

> Below is my sample of the configutaion file :
> S_HOSTNAME=germanium

Jacques Gelinas <>
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