re: Problem with vserver stop with vserver enter

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From: Jacques Gelinas (
Date: Mon Dec 03 2001 - 00:12:38 EST

On Thu, 29 Nov 2001 18:39:36 -0500, Toxik - Martial Rioux wrote
> Hi,
> My current setup is 2.4.16ctx4 with vserver-0.7.
> No problem at all but strange things appear when I try to stop my vserver vs1
> with an active session using vserver command (vserver vs1 enter). The vserver is
> stopping correctly but the
> process not. I can verify with chcontext --ctx 1 /bin/sh and made
> a grep (grep -2 ctxticks /proc/*/status) to see which process is running in each
> context.
> Is there a way to kill all process in particular context? I made some kill in
> ctx 1 context without success for my vs1.

ctx number 1 can see the processes, but is not allowed to kill them. I made this
hard to make sure no one would kill too much. Given you can run several
important vservers in one box, I want to make sure no one kills too many
processes by accident. So contenxt 1 is used ot inspect, then you have to enter
the proper context to do some kill.

In the vserver package, there is the /usr/lib/vserver/vserverkillall utility
which perform that. If you do

        chcontext --ctx N /usr/lib/vserver/vserverkillall

you are indeed killing all process in the vserver. This is what "vserver vs1 stop"
does after running the runlevel 6 script.

> FYI (The vserver init script report this vserver vs1 is not currently running
> but
> vserver-stats display context information for that....)

I can't reproduce the problem. Can you show exactly the steps you are performing ?

> An other strange things, is chcontext and vserver enter command. Actualy, is not
> possible to
> use CTRL-C to end terminal command (like tail -f /var/log/messages).

Yes this is a known issue. The problem is that the tail program is running
in one context and the console is running in another, so the signal do not
reach the program. I have to find a way to make "enter" more friendly.

Jacques Gelinas <>
vserver: run general purpose virtual servers on one box, full speed!

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